We are very happy to announce that Geboortecentrum Puur Hoofddorp now offers a Birth Preparation course in English.

We offer a three-hour information course in English for you as an expectant mother (you should be over 26 weeks pregnant) and your partner to prepare for the birth of your baby.

It is also very suitable as a refresher course if this is your second or third baby.

The Birth Preparation course will handle:

  • How the health system treats childbirth in the Netherlands
  • What happens in your body when you go into labour, the three stages of labour, what to do when the water breaks and:  when to call the midwife
  • Attitude towards contractions and labour pains. Pain relief possibilities at home and in hospital
  • Different ways to cope with labour and how your partner can support you
  • (breathing and massage exercises)
  • Your questions answered

The course is presented by one of the founding midwives of Geboortecentrum Puur, our colleague Truus Gale, with 23 years midwifery experience and specialised in helping international couples to prepare for the most important day of their life!

It is highly recommended you bring your birth partner with you.

The course is very much focused on the day of the birth itself, therefore we recommend you are at least 26 weeks pregnant. This course is given every 2 months, (So if you are only 25 weeks on March 6 it is better to wait until the next date, you will then be 33 weeks pregnant, which is even more ideal to follow this course).

We strongly suggest you take this opportunity to be better informed and be better prepared and even look forward to the birth of your baby.
Looking forward to your registration   


What: a three-hour Birth Preparation course in English
Date: Friday afternoon 6 March, 1 May, 3 July  
Time: 16.00-19.00
Where: Kruislaan 13a, Hoofddorp (opposite the midwifery practice)


Costs: €10 per person (so €20 for a couple)
Pay cash: at the front desk of your midwifery practice when you have your next appointment.
To be clear: it is also possible to pay in cash on the spot at the location where the course is held.

Meer informatie: 

Register: send an email to info@geboortecentrumpuur.nl