Five weekly sessions, a three hour course, One Sunday course or an individual private class at your home. What suits you best? Check it out!

Looking for a childbirth class in English in your neighbourhood?

I can offer 5 possibilities (all the sessions are with your birth partner):

1. Five prenatal classes of two hours (Monday or Tuesday) over a 5-week period and one reunion with the babies. This course is a wonderful opportunity to meet other couples in the same stage of life and continue meeting them once your babies are born.

2. Three-hour Childbirth Preparation session in a group on a Saturday.

3. A seven-hour Sunday session for couples who want to prepare for the birth of their baby in one day. This informative if intensive workshop bridges the gap between the current five-evening sessions and the three-hour crash course. We take the time to practise the various breathing exercises together in the different stages of labour and to cover a number of back massage techniques that can be very useful during labour.

4. Individual intensive 2.5 hour childbirth preparation, just for you and your birth partner in the comfort of your own home.

5. A refresher consultation, useful if you already have a child.

You can also book a Preparing for Parenthood course to learn what to expect from your newborn, how to soothe your baby, about vaccinations etc.


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